about us
A professional training institution specialized in consulting and training in the sustainable human development fields , duly licensed in Germany and registered as    a profit institution at the Chamber of Commerce .
To be the first global institution in terms of providing the best services and training consultations in the world , linking the world of training to each other through a group of Arab and German who are a development specialists and inserting the effective training methods in the world of development .
The Academy provides various services to companies and trainers as it occupies the first place among institutions who are interested in training and communities development because it is based on scientific and cultural contemporary foundations that combine several Patterns and combine the manner of Eastern and Western school through an elite of development specialists .
In addition to a number of agreements among a number of international organizations who are concerned in the development of individuals and institutions and perform the work of equating experiences and scientific exchange among different institutions at different levels .
Delivering various types of science and knowledge to all countries, achieving a sustainable development , creation of a common action mechanism among nations to achieve the best results regardless of religious and ethnic affiliations . achieving social and economic integration in the field of development and communities service for companies and individuals .
After a detailed study of the training and educational reality in Germany and the renaissance of European society, especially the Germany after the war ravaged and destroyed it , it was able to build itself occupies a unique position among states scientifically and economically, and how the methods used here in Germany and the study of the Arab world reality , we came out with the strategy of linking sciences and knowledge and benefiting from the peoples experiences . We had our own strategy by integrating training in education by integrating different sorts of Arabic and European sciences and knowledge with a unified work line , delivering practical training within unified frameworks and establishing five-year plans to reach prosperity with scientific and civilized progress and to provide pioneering services in this field for institutions and trainers in different sectors and achieve the equation of one family – one world to reach a simplified approach
Development – awareness – culture – experience
We, as an institution, are interested in creating an intellectual and creative generation capable of building communities around the world through a set of contemporary rules and foundations connecting the world through an integrated information unit
We offer a range of suggestions and guidelines for companies and individuals in the field of professional training, international trade and various consultations, finding solutions, developing work plans and openness and providing specialists in various fields .
Support trainers and companies through a range of training programs as the leadership, motivation and consulting programs around the world .
Exchange of scientific experiences among different countries to spread the technologies and the contemporary knowledge of different peoples’ life with a future vision of work in different walks of life .
We are interested about the different living fields that the individual needs to develop himself and his country within the foundations, rules and moderate methodology  and through our distinctive programs that seek to raise the competencies and capabilities
We are also interested in raising the competencies of different sectors both private and public sector or common sectors in accordance with the latest international standards through what the modern science founds and to benefits from the peoples experiences

academy rheinberg
17 ديسمبر، 2016